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Technical Experts of Atlas Copco Visited HENR and Provided Training & Guidance

In order to improve HENR teammates awareness and understand of rock drill, strengthen the daily maintenance skills, on 17th April, HENR invited Service Engineer Di Yunliang and Sales Manager Wang Enbo of Atlas Copco (Shenyang) Construction & Mining Equipment Ltd. to give us a rock drill professional training lecture. More than 20 persons from front-line employees and technical staff from different departments attended this training course.
The training was divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge training and site operation training. In the meeting room, technical experts detailedly illustrated the maintaining key points about rock drill operating principle, hydraulic structure, common fault analysis, basic principles of troubleshooting, etc. via PPT. 

Training Course

Theoretical Knowledge Training

After theoretical training, experts provided on-site explanations of rock drill disassembly and assembly, handling methods and maintenance measures, furthermore, experts and participants also discussed on the techniques of rock drill maintenance, and participants went into field for practical operating to consolidate the knowledge learned.

Training Course

Practical Operation Guidance

This training course had greatly improved the maintenance skills and strengthen the practical operation ability of our staff, meanwhile, it was of great help in the promotion of HENR follow-up devices working quality.
This training course was highly valued by HENR Technology, and our participants were required to apply the leaned knowledge to their daily work, disseminate and communicate the training achievements internally. Thus to build a technical exchange platform with Atlas and realize the mutual improvement through effective communication.