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HENR Enjoyed A Steady Flow of News of Success

From the New Year beginning of 2015, a steady flow of good news kept pouring in from construction sites. The hydraulic rock drill that developed by Guangxi Henr Technology achieved a good result on its first working day in one construction site of Guangxi Fangcheng. HENR rock drill accomplished a total drilling depth of 289 meters (hole diameter is 90mm) within 5.21 working hours, the drilling efficiency was 0.92m/min, and the average fuel consumption was 0.49L/m, zero malfunction.

(Construction Site in Fangcheng, Guangxi)

Our rock drill acted better on the second day. The total drilling depth was 262 meters within 3.71 working hours; the drilling speed had risen to 1.18m/min with average fuel consumption lower to 0.44L/m. On its third day, the drilling depth was 300 meters in 4.68 hours. Most of the rocks in this construction site were hard grindstones, which increased the working difficulty. The excellent performance of HENR drill rock won good reputation from the responsible persons of the quarry.
Meanwhile, good news also came from a real estate construction project in Du’an County, Hechi, Guangxi. HENR hit product 90A achieved more than 200 drilling meters per day (the hole diameter is 102mm). Under the complicated work condition, the average efficiency of our rock drill was 0.7m/min. With the equipment entering into construction site for about a month, its steady performance, high efficiency, low fuel consumption and high return on investment were spoken highly of by the construction side.

(Real Estate Construction Project in Du’an)

Guangxi Henr Technology Co., Ltd is the leading enterprise of hydraulic drilling rigs, with a number of patented technologies, Henr and its power workhorse will be walking far on the road towards high efficiency, environment-friendliness and multifunction.