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HENR Technology Was Invited to Attended 2015 Guangxi Industrial Fair

From 30th April to 3rd May 2015, the 2015 Guangxi Industrial Fair was held by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, HENR Technology, as a representive of industrial innovative enterprise, was invited to take part in this industrial fair.

                                        HENR Technology Booth in Guangxi Industrial Fair

The fair was aimed at displaying and publicizing the development achievements of Guangxi industry and information technology. HENR became the media focus for being selected as First Prize for technology innovation. HENR rock drill, which can be directly installed on the excavator, fill the market blank of rock drill in China. 

                                        Guangxi Industrial Fair

During the fair, many customers were curious about how could HENR rock drill implement drilling operation on excavator chassis and realize the technology innovation of multifunctional drill jumbo.On the market, an imported hydraulic rock drill costs about 3 million yuan, and few customers can afford it. HENR rock drill is directly installed on excavator, thus to greatly reduce costs for our customers. The innovative rock drill from HENR Technology is a breakthrough in technology, as well as a breakthrough in solving knotty problems for our customers.